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AWS Solutions I

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AWS Solutions II

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AWS Solutions III

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AWS Solutions IV

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AWS Solutions V

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AWS Solutions VI

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  1. Sudhakar

    Loved the Quizzes. I have tried all and got the decent scores. This Quizzes are really useful before taking the certification exams. And the links to every topic on the answers are helpful to understand the concepts and mistakes.

    Thanks Raju for helping people like me.

    -Sudhakar S I

  2. Raju

    Thank you Sudhakar! Glad you found it useful ?

  3. Shishir Kumar

    Question: You have an application running on an EC2 instance which will allow users to download files from a private S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL. Before generating the URL, the application should verify the existence of the file in S3. How should the application use AWS credentials to access the S3 bucket securely?

    The correct answer is that application must get credentials for the Role from instance meta-data and not user-data. May be you can correct the solution.

  4. Raju
    Raju Venkataraman

    Hello Shishir,
    Thanks for noticing. I changed the correct answer.

  5. Octavian


    I think that the answer to the question: Your company runs student facing online assessment platform…. (AWS Solutions V) must be”A web tier deployed across 3 AZs with 2 EC2 …. and a Multi-AZ RDS (Relational Database Service) deployment” because if the database goes down then your website will not be able to perform any savings on the database.

  6. Jeremy Bentham

    Q “A customer needs to capture all client connection information from their load balancer every five minutes. The company wants to use this data for analyzing traffic patterns and troubleshooting their applications. Which of the following options meets the customer requirements?”

    Answer stated as correct: “Install the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent on the load balancer.”

    Can you install an agent on a Load Balancer?

    Surely the correct answer is: “Enable access logs on the load balancer.”

  7. Raju
    Raju Venkataraman

    Thank you Jeremy for pointing this out. In AWS world, we don’t get any underlying infrastructure access to ELB and I fixed the correct answer.

  8. Revalino

    Thanks for this page. It’s really helpfull to everyone learning about AWS.

    One question: There’s an option where you say “Propagate a default route via BFP on the AWS Direct Connect customer router.”.

    Shouldn’t it be BGP instead of BFP?

  9. Carl

    Thanks, great Quizz!

    I noticed a couple of things:

    – Question 1 appears 2 times.

    -Question 18: I believe the correct answer is A & E. See: https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-solutions-architect-associate/discussion/-KLhI9vvtmgqw_uY5iOt/corporate-it-governance-and-cost-oversight

    -Question 21: I believe you are accidentally printing the right answer, next to A.


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