Looking Back at 2016 !!

Reflecting on year 2016, I feel so fortunate and lucky for my experiences. In professional side, there are gazillion things where we don’t have direct or complete control but that directly impacts our company performance as well as employees individual lives in profound manner and those things went well.

What you call when things you don’t control  goes well — Maybe Lucky .

AWS Experience :

AWS ReInvent 2016 has been eye-opening in terms of understanding Amazon’s ability to execute and not afraid about challenging status-quo and not settling until  best possible solution is  derived for any given problem statement. We all have heard this in our lives “Because thats the way it’s always been done” and AWS challenges this notion through data and challenges status-quo in every single way possible.

James Hamilton speech on rethinking and asking questions about switch-gear , networking layer , fiber design and not afraid about challenging the status-quo.

I highly recommend anyone in the industry to watch James Hamilton re-invent talk.

Information vs Experience

This year has been very informative year and gathered ton of information about so many things but translating the information into experience has been little challenging. This was very true when we experimented with Cloud Adoption strategy. We gathered enough information on how cloud would help our business and there are gazillion reasons to justify the cloud adoption but translating that information into execution and our experience has been challenging.

Wonderful Read

I read the book I bought few years ago during my long flight (Dr.Joel Furhman’s EAT TO LIVE ) and it changed my outlook on food. It exposed all the misinformation I had about food and nutrition. Its wonderful read and it changed my life for the better.



I have read and watched  fair number of videos and articles on  Mindfulness. But practicing it in real life and looking at things as it as putting aside biases and pre-conceived notions has been work in progress to say the least.

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  1. Rocky Balbao

    James Hamilton has contiributed to the technology innovation tremendously. It would be good to have people like Hamilton in tech industry.

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