Amazon reInvent 2015 Las Vegas

Data Migration Tool – We use aurora and data loading is little more than  walk in the park. Hope this solves our problem.
QuickSight – Explore this product for our needs
RedShift – See how it can cutdown our Data warehouse costs.

I have never seen such a big crowd for a tech conference. The attendance was almost like 20 K which is pretty big for Tech conference.
AWS can be like a drug. You get your first hit for free. AWS eco-system is very easy to get started. Their 10 cent banana is their S3 solution.
If you use the resources properly, its great eco-system which provides lot of tools to support your business core competency rather than building expertise on infrastructure solution.

I attended several sessions on AURORA since we use AURORA for our production environment. AURORA is No.1 Selling product in AWS Offerings. AURORA overtook everything else.

Its only natural to see AURORA gaining market share. I have been working with SQL Server and Oracle for more than a decade and its only logical to migrate to Aurora.

AURORA Advantages over SQL Server:

Amount of time and money spent on just understanding the complex licensing model and features available for each edition.
For ex : SQL Server Standard Edition doens’t support Columnar Storage , Partition , etc.
Their Enterprise edition is lot more expensive. CAL Based licencing is convoluted.
If you have ever worked with SQL Server and Oracle, setting up Replication is more than trivial task.
Scaling out is nightmare.
Cost / Benefit Analysis for Different Editions is time consuming and frustrating.

Its only natural that AURORA is gaining market share and I do believe Microsoft AZURE is going to catch up with AURORA offerings but right now , AURORA is good choice.

Data Migration Tool :

Lot of talk around Schema and Data Migration Tools. I used AZURE Migration Tool to migrate data from SQL Server to AWS SQL Server RDS. Now AWS Released the migration tool, which would in turn would make the migration easier.


We have need for simple data warehouse solution. Currently we use SQL Server and our data warehouse doesn’t need ACID Properties. Red-shift seems to be good fit but we have to evaluate the cost /benefit. Fe other people adopted Redshift and they had complains about concurrency.

RedShift WorkShop:

Good intro on whats Red-shift, how to use market place to find the Migration tools and how to use some of the tools available on the market place. Its very basic but get to know about the products and use cases.

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